Chimney Crown Repair

Because chimney crowns are often neglected due to the inability to see them from ground level, it’s important that owners are aware of the need for servicing and maintaining the crowns of their chimneys in order to avoid damage, such as ice, rain, or snow from seeping into the chimneys flue.

Multiple factors can be a cause for a chimney’s crown damage, improper construction, natural deterioration, and loosened watertight seals being some of the most significant ones. Inexperienced builders often use mortar rather than cement to construct a chimney’s crown, but because mortar deteriorates considerably faster than concrete, a chimney’s crown made with mortar can easily crack and allow for the types of damages previously discussed.

Natural deterioration and long-term exposure to natural elements that are bound to happen with time but without upkeep will advance the process of natural deterioration. This often happens due to precipitated moisture, collective water, and varying temperatures that degrade the materials of a chimney’s crown, flattening its angled slope over time.

Finally, the watertight seals around the flue on chimney crowns can fail. This occurs as a result of the long-term severe temperature changes generated by the use of a fireplace. The cold outside air temperatures, combined with the hot air and gas from a fire traveling up the flue, can cause the chimney crown to expand and compress, shattering the seal. This can allow water to enter the chimney, speeding up its degradation.

A well-kept chimney crown has slightly-angled slabs that act as the base for the chimney’s cap, protecting the top of the flue from all debris and weather factors to flow away from the chimney’s structure and safely onto the roof. Whether your chimney’s crown needs to be completely rebuilt or only needs minor repairs, we here at Exteriors Doctor can help you find a repair solution suited to your chimney’s crown needs. To learn more about the different solutions that we offer, contact us today.