Concrete Repair

Have you noticed concrete structures inside and outside your home are falling? Maybe you’ve noticed sinking on your driveway or patio, or maybe you’ve been seeing your basement slabs starting to crack or sink. Regardless of what’s causing the problem, it’s important that you handle the problems that your fallen concrete may cause. If you have sunken concrete, you’ll need to look into concrete lifting options to fix those problems.


We believe that you deserve only the best. Our concrete lifting solutions solve problems for home and business owners every day! Whether you have a sinking garage floor, issues with your concrete pool deck, uneven sidewalks, or an uneven patio – we’ll work with you to create an economical repair solution that meets your needs.


Concrete steps in need of repair are not only unsightly, but they are also dangerous for anyone entering or exiting your home.


Driveway sinking can be a frustrating situation for anyone to be part of. How can EDR help you determine the best method of driveway leveling?


No homeowner wants to deal with basement condensation. Learn more about the signs and solutions to protect your home.


Replacing and ripping out concrete is expensive and timely. But, polyurethane injection foam, a modern concrete lifting alternative, saves homeowners and businesses time, money and stress.

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We will work with you to create an economical concrete solution that meets your needs.