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What is Waterproofing and Why Might Someone Need Waterproofing Services?

Waterproofing is a fundamental service that keeps the interior of your home dry from roof to basement by protecting it from exposure to water and humidity that could thus cause water damage. Water damage undetected or left untreated can harm the foundation of a house, your walls, and most importantly your health.

With the heavy rains experienced in the Pacific Northwest, these problems are likely to occur if not attended to and maintained properly. That is why ensuring that your home is properly waterproofed is an essential security measure for your home’s long-term protection. In older homes, the type of waterproofing method might be more costly and drastic, while new homes could call for more conservative approaches and money-saving methods of waterproofing being that the home’s conditions have not yet deteriorated or likely been severely impacted by water damage.

Possible signs that your home has water damage can be cracked or wet walls, bowed basement walls, mold, moisture, and condensation on your windows, wet floors and carpet, etc. Depending on the site of water damage, there are various approaches that you can choose from to waterproof your home. One popular choice is the waterproofing DIY project kits available on the market that many think will save them money, but fail to realize will cost them more money, in the long run, to correct, as many of the materials provided in these kits are not a one-size-fits-all solution to different types of basements and sites of water damage. Poor results are likely temporary results or can lead to greater issues and damage to your home that will cost a greater price in the future.

A few great options that we often recommend and that are successful waterproofing methods are the below-grade waterproofing method and epoxy and urethane injection. Below-grade waterproofing is a technique of applying membranes and coatings to the structure’s foundation walls at ground level as part of the building envelope to prevent water from seeping through. Epoxy and Polyurethane injections allow for water damage to be repaired without having to tear through damaged and foundation walls. Often referred to as resins, these formulations create a hardened and thick substance with the properties needed to fill cracks through and through, creating professional waterproofing and long-lasting crack injection repairs.

By hiring a team of professionals for your waterproofing needs, you can rest assured that your project will be serviced with high-quality long-lasting commercial-grade products. Here at Exteriors Dr, we seal any and all cracks that are a result of your water damage using our commercial-grade solutions and provide a lasting guaranteed warranty to ensure that our services protect your home long-term!

As one wise man once said, it’s important that you keep up with your waterproofing because…

“As you know, we live in a fishbowl” – Jesse Quintero – CEO of Exteriors Dr